1. Models, method and information technologies in economics

  • Economical modeling and forecasting
  • Simulation management systems
  • Information technologies in economics and management

2. Computer Systems and Networks

  • Design of computer systems and their components
  • Computer networks technologies
  • Information security in computer networks
  • Software development technologies

3. Technology of data processing and software developing

  • Design of databases and warehouses
  • Technology of big data sets
  • OLAP and Data Mining technology
  • Approaches and technologies of software developing
  • Software systems security

4. Geoinformation systems and technologies in environmental

  • Satellite images processing
  • Intellectual classification technologies
  • Maps and geospatial products building technologies
  • Technologies of Earth's surface state assessing and yields forecasting

5. Automation of biotechnological objects

  • Automated objects research
  • Automated systems (including computer integrated)
  • Robotic systems
  • Implementation of automated systems

6. Information and communication technologies in the dissemination of knowledge

  • Cloud technology in corporate communications
  • Remote consulting technology
  • Electronic counseling

7. Digitalization of educational and scientific activity

  • Digital challenges, technologies, educational environment, digital pedagogy
  • Digital services for communications, digital tools for scientific activity support
  • Digital competencies: frameworks and standards, formation and measurement

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