1. Models, method and information technologies in economics (head -  prof. A.Skrypnyk)

The section is devoted to quantitative methods using for solving urgent problems of social and economic development under social and macroeconomic instability conditions. The main section activities:

  • economical modeling and forecasting
  • simulation management systems
  • information technologies in economics and management

2. Computer Systems and Networks (head - prof. M.Vasiukhin)

The section is devoted to issues of building computer systems and their components, designing computer networks and network security.The main section activities:

  • design of computer systems and their components
  • computer networks technologies
  • information security in computer networks

3. Technology of data processing and software developing (head - assoc. prof. B.L.Holub)

The section is dedicated to highlighting the problems associated with information technology used for efficient processing and analysis. The problems associated with the creation of software systems, such as algorithms, implementation, testing and support. The main section activities:

  • Design of databases and warehouses
  • technology of big data sets
  • OLAP technology
  • Data Mining technology
  • approaches and technologies of software developing
  • software systems security

4. Automated systems in technology, energetics, manufacturing (head -  prof. V.Lysenko)

The section devoted to the problems of automated and robotic systems for monitoring and control of technological objects. The main section activities:

  • automated objects research
  • automated systems (including computer integrated)
  • robotic systems
  • implementation of automated systems

5. Information and communication technologies in the dissemination of knowledge (head - assoc. prof. M.Z.Shvydenko)

The section is devoted to coverage of the use of information technology in education and advisory activities. Various aspects of distance learning, building knowledge networks and electronic extension system. The main section activities:

  • ICT in education
  • cloud technology in corporate communications
  • remote consulting technology
  • electronic counseling


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